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#Inspiration - 10 Commandments for a French Bride-to-be

All over the world, French women - and especially French Brides – are said to be inspirational. I don’t know if it’s true but let’s pretend it is! Here are the 10 Commandments that every French Bride follows (or tries to follow) on her big day!

#1 - Thou shalt be dressed for yourself

A French Bride loves the idea of being herself, unique and a bit offbeat. She isn't playing a role, she is dressed for herself regardless of what guests think of her style (and most of the time, they think that she is stunning!).

#2 - Thou shalt wear a discreetly chic wedding dress

For her gown, a French Bride searches for simplicity but refinement, impeccable cut and highest quality fabrics and lace. Less is always more! (If you're curious, there's more here)

#3 - Thou shalt opt for a minimalist makeup

As usual, less is more and that’s true for the makeup as well. A French Bride will ask her makeup artist for something light and discreet and sometimes she will even just put on the makeup herself!

#4 - Thou shalt opt for comfort

A French Bride will not take the risk to mess her big day up because of stiletto heels! A Bride that can't walk anymore after hours standing is definitely not elegant. She will wear chic pumps for the ceremony and then confortable (but elegant of course) sandals.

#5 - Thou shalt wear discreet jewels

A French woman would never, ever, wear sparkling and glitz jewels for her wedding. Usually she wears her engagement ring, earrings and sometimes a discreet necklace or bracelet. In any case, the jewels fit perfectly her style.

#6 - Thou shalt not be a Bridezilla

At French weddings, the bride doesn’t abuse the idea that her wedding is “her day". She is not the center of the universe and doesn’t think so. Instead, she is a good host, warm and considerate with all the guests, while fully enjoying the day.

#7 - Thou shalt enjoy the meal…

After a year of diet...or not if she is naturally thin, a French Bride will enjoy the repas de noces that she chose carefully. She loves French cuisine!

#8 - ...but thou shalt not enjoy the wine too much

A French Bride will of course enjoy the excellent (French of course!) wine she chose for her guests but with reason! She will dance until the end of the night while staying perfectly sober;)

#9 - Thou shalt be extremely organized

The French Bride-to-be has been extremely organized during the whole wedding preparation - and D-Day will not be the exception to the rule! She will bring white thread and a needle as well as extra pins for the bun and makeup to anticipate all aesthetic issues

#10 - Thou shalt not freak out

A French Bride will be relaxed on the wedding day. If she finds herself under pressure, she will just think about her honeymoon.

Nb: that last commandment is not true but that's our secret;)

Pictures : 1 - Pixabay / 2 - Olenka Kotyk on Unsplash

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