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#Inspiration - 10 stylish French Brands for your wedding dress

For their wedding dress, French women want something that is “discreetly chic.” French brides search for simplicity but refinement, impeccable cut and highest quality fabrics and lace. Less is always more. They love the idea of being themselves, unique and a bit offbeat. 

With inspiration ranging from romantic and haute couture to bohemia and retro, here is my favorite trendy French Bridal Designers in 2020!

#The most retro: Laure de Sagazan

Totally in love with retro looks, Laure de Sagazan’s dresses are vintage-inspired with a modern feel. Faux casual figures, unvarnished looks, classic shapes, prim details, highest quality materials like Calais lace, delicate silk, elegance, fluidity and poetry are her signature.

Showroom located 102 rue du Faubourg Poissonnière - 75010 Paris. Shops in New-York, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Milan and Santiago. © Pictures: Laure de Sagazan

#The most magical - Victoire Vermeulen

Chic wedding dresses with modern and refined lines. The brand is fresh and offbeat, it combines femininity, refinement and humor for an impressive and magical result. The Victoire Vermeulen bride is elegant and classy, she is a queen.

Showroom located 57 rue de Rivoli – 75001 Paris. Shops in Brussels, Berlin, Sydney, Switzerland and Ireland.

© Pictures: Victoire Vermeulen

#The most feminine – Mademoiselle de Guise

Heavy crepe, geometrical laces and chiffon are thoroughly used to create romantic, flowing and graphic couture dresses that fully embody the ‘“less is more” concept. Subtle details such as daring cuts and sheer overlays define the Mademoiselle de Guise bride who is feminine, chic and embodies the French liberté.

Showroom located 12 rue Blanche - 75009 Paris. © Pictures: Mademoiselle de Guise

#The most most rebellious – Rime Arodaky

Rime Arodaky decided to shake the traditional wedding codes, and to bring style and attitude in a very static and conventional industry. The Rime Arodaky bride is a self-confident feminist and a modern goddess. Lace, macramé, organza, crepe… All are iconic fabrics of the Maison.

Showroom located 28 rue d'Aboukir - 75002 Paris. Partnerships with retailers in London, New York, Dublin and Lyon.

© Pictures: Rime Arodaky

#The most spontaneous – Lorafolk

Elegant, fluid and modern dresses as well as traditional craftsmanship are the brand’s DNA. The Lorafolk bride is free and confident. Highest quality materials like silk crepe, Calais lace and embroideries are used to create spontaneous and elegant looks.

Showroom located 10 rue Beauregard - 75002 Paris. © Pictures: Lorafolk

#The most romantic - Anne de Lafforest

With pure and feminine lines, Anne de Lafforest’s bride is beaming, light and couture. Bustier, gold embroidery, Calais lace, plumetis on chiffon and embroidered organza are part of the collection.

Showroom located 16 rue Jacquemont - 75017 Paris. © Pictures: Anne de Lafforest

#The most surprising – Delphine Manivet

In love with beauty and traditions, Delphine Manivet wants to preserve the traditional savoir-faire and expertise in working noble fabrics, such as the Calais lace, to produce fashionable designs. With pure and feminine lines, the brand attracts women that seek elegant and romantic wedding dresses. 

Showroom located 2 rue d’Aguesseau - 75008 Paris. Shops in Europe, USA and Canada. © Pictures: Delphine Manivet

#The most couture – Fabienne Alagama

Creations profoundly modern and resolutely feminine. Custom-made wedding dresses that combine timelessness and glamor. Clean, fluid and elegant lines, with plunging backs of great refinement. Noble materials, exceptional lace and very couture details.

Showroom located 144, rue de Courcelles – 75017 Paris. Shops in Europe. © Pictures: Fabienne Alagama

#The most timeless - Isabella Boutin

Dreamy and romantic bridal gowns are the brand’s signature. French lace, Guipure, tulle, silk crepe, Chiffon, mousseline are some of Isabella Boutin’s favorite fabrics. The brand has two separated ranges within the collections: one being more romantic and the other more contemporary.

Showroom located 18, rue d’Algérie - 69001 Lyon. Suppliers in London, Bristol and New-York. © Pictures: Isabella Boutin

#The most rock’n’ roll - Elise Hameau

For a rock’n’ roll Parisian figure, look no further than Elise Hameau. The brand is for free-minded and determined women that dream of a flowing dress. A very daring and Parisian collection made with noble materials such as silk crepe, chiffon, and Calais lace.

Showroom located 16 rue Charlemagne - 75004 Paris. © Pictures: Elise Hameau

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