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#FrenchBride n°7 - Delphine

The delicate Delphine said "Oui!" to Francesco in July 2019. A romantic and elegant wedding ceremony that took place in Dordogne followed by a reception in the gorgeous Domaine des Etangs, in Charente. She tells us all about her big day below!

Your story

Francesco and I met on the other side of the world, during a student exchange in Guangzhou, China. We were a group of 40 international students planning to stay there for 6 month. Francesco and I almost immediately clicked and spent the rest of the exchange together, traveling around China. Since then, we haven't stopped exploring the world together, while living for four years in London and in Paris for a couple of years now.

The proposal

There was not really a proposal, we knew we wanted to get married and we already had a few discussions on the topic. The “official” proposal was a very good surprise though. Francesco brought me to this stunning place in Normandie, in Honfleur, on a warm day of June. We had a very good lunch and enjoyed the place before sitting down on a bench, overlooking the sea, when he officially proposed to me, in the most simple and sincere way. It was just perfect.

A French bride for you is…

For me, a French bride is synonym of simple, natural and elegant. A French bride is the opposite of “showing off”, she doesn’t need any artifice to be stunning!

Your dress and style

I’m quite short and thin so I made sure not to choose a dress under which I would “disappear”. I wanted a simple but refined dress. I discovered the very nice boutique of Marion Kenezi, in the heart of the 6th arrondissement in Paris, very classy but authentic. The main point is that you can personalize the dress as much as you want. I also liked the fact that the dress comes in two parts: the top and the skirt.

Although the skirt was already “made”, it took me some time to figure out which top I wanted. In the end, Marion and I started from one of her existing tops and made some changes to have a tailor-made and personalized one. She has very good taste as well as amazing and delicate fabrics. It is nice to have a unique dress!

The location

A part of my family comes from Dordogne, in the South West of France, and specifically from this gorgeous little town called Brantôme. Since I was a little girl, I wanted to get married in the beautiful abbey. This is where the civil ceremony took place before heading to Massignac, in Charente, to the beautiful Domaine des Etangs.

The Domaine is a real gem, in the middle of nowhere. Very charming, elegant and luxurious without being ‘too much’, we immediately felt in love with the place and I would recommend to anyone passing by this area to stop there for lunch or even for a romantic weekend! The chef has a one-star Michelin, no need to say that our guests really enjoyed the traditional food. On top of this, the service was excellent!

Your inspiration

We wanted a simple, touching and romantic wedding, counting on the natural beauty of the place. The location was in the middle of the country side, surrounded by a huge lake.

We wanted our guests to relax, to have fun, to have a great “countrysidy” weekend rather than fee like they were just attending our wedding ceremony. Indeed, most of them were coming from abroad, either Italy or the UK and it was important for us to spend some quality time together. This is also why we chose to have a small wedding, with only close friends and family. In total, we were 80 people and we thought it was a very good number. We didn’t have a theme in particular, as it was important for us that our guests feel at home, able to dress how they wanted.

We also kept the decoration very light, relying only with white flowers and candles. It was actually very romantic!

The most wonderful moment of the day

The whole weekend was perfect despite the rain on the Saturday…but if I have to choose one particular moment, it would be when we entered the Abbey in Brantôme. Indeed, there is only a five minute walk between my house and the abbey. It was pouring rain, the streets were empty. Francesco and I were, with our témoins,the last ones to arrive at the abbey. During the five minutes walking under the rain, we didn’t meet a soul outside and we felt like the only people in the town. But when we entered in the abbey, everyone was in the stairs, looking at us from above. I looked up, and it was so magical to see everyone clapping hands, smiling, happy. It was truly magical.

Your honeymoon

Right after our wedding, we headed to Saint Rémi de Provence with some friends for a couple of days before going to Italy, as we were invited to a wedding close to Parma. After this wedding, we spent three weeks exploring Brazil, starting from Rio de Janeiro going up north until the Lençois, a unique place that I recommend!

Vendors & addresses

Venue & Caterer: Domaine des Etangs | Photographer: Stéphane Lagrange | Video maker: A friend of us | Wedding dress: Marion Kenezi | Shoes: Bobbies | Hairdressing and makeup: A local hairdresser from Brantôme (Dordogne) | Florist: L’Atelier Champêtre | Music: DJ Arnaud | Stationery: Domaine des Etangs

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