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#Inspiration - 2021 Collections – My crushes (Part 2)

2021 Wedding Dress collections teem with elegance and refinement. As promised, more inspiration is coming! With inspiration ranging from romantic and haute couture to bohemia and retro, here are my ten other crushes.

#Crush11: Ysra dress - Rime Arodaky

Feel the magic with Rime Arodaky’s 10th anniversary bridal collection. All the goddesses who have been the brand’s most graceful ambassadors over the last decade inspired the collection. I had a crush on the Ysra dress: its lace sheer top with puffy long sleeves is so couture.

© Pictures: Rime Arodaky

#Crush12: Stella dress – Isabella Boutin

Isabella Boutin’s 2021 wedding dress collection, entitled Antoinette, will invoke the inner bohemian of every bride, always with the flare of heightened glamour that this French-Australian designer is known for. I loved the very elegant Stella dress with its asymmetrical shoulders.

© Pictures: Isabella Boutin

#Crush13: Lilas dress – Louise a dit Oui

Louise’s 2021 collection is in the brand’s image: simple and chic. After a Parisian shooting last year, Louise chose bucolic scenery for her new collection. I had a crush on the Lilas dress, which is discreetly chic, with classic shapes and prim details.

© Pictures: Louise a dit Oui

#Crush14: Mirella dress - Mathilde Marie

For her 2021 collection, Mathilde Marie imagined a bucolic bride resting in a charming forest, strolling in the tall grass before wading in a river. I loved the Mirella dress, which is both simple and elegant while being timeless.

© Picture: Mathilde Marie

#Crush15: Mado dress, Claudine

To create her 2021 collection, Claudine found inspiration, as she usually does, in daily life. A silhouette in the street, an accessory, a piece of jewelry, an image in a film or an idea in the middle of the night can inspire her. I had a crush on the Mado dress, a pattern that she re-invents every year.

© Picture: Claudine

#Crush16: Turoni dress - Margaux Tardits

A tribute to youth and recklessness, Margaux Tardits’ new collection entitled "Songe" (dream) invites us to travel through our fondest memories. The designer brings us with her to the house of her grandmother. I loved the Turoni dress that Margaux Tardits re-created from one of her iconic models entitled “Voulez-vous danser avec moi” (Do you want to dance with me).

© Pictures: Margaux Tardits

#Crush17: Numéro 58 dress - Céline de Monicault

For her 2021 collection entitled “Orée”, Céline de Monicault imagined timeless silhouettes with transparency games. I had a crush on the Numéro 58 dress, which is classical and elegant with its style inspired by Greek goddesses.

© Pictures: Céline de Monicault

#Crush18: Florette dress – Lorafolk

Fluid and modern dresses are Lorafolk’s DNA. This year, I loved the Florette dress, which is light and spring. Its lace straps are timeless and irresistible.

© Pictures: Lorafolk

#Crush19: Garry dress – Marie Laporte

This year, Marie Laporte invites to discover her new collection in Provence. Her dresses are imbued with poetry, charm and follow the symbolism of the olive leaf. I had a crush on the Garry dress for its lightness and its beautiful lace top.

© Pictures: Marie Laporte

#Crush20: Audrey dress – Elsa Gary

Elsa Gary’s new collection is like the brand’s brides: multiple, wise or insolent but with a well-defined identity. I loved the Audrey dress. With its vintage style, it is so chic and trendy.

© Pictures: Elsa Gary

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