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#Inspiration - 2021 French Wedding Dress Collections – My 10 crushes!

Lucky you if you plan to get married next year! French Bridal Designers dived into their imagination to create their 2021 collections. Refinement, elegance, simplicity, sophistication, vintage vibes, modernity meet fluidity, accuracy, impeccable cut and highest quality fabrics in a dazzling array of dresses.

With inspiration ranging from romantic and haute couture to bohemia and retro, there are so many amazing wedding dresses. It will be difficult to choose! If you want - like French women - something that is “discreetly chic”, here are my 10 crushes!

Not all 2021 collections have been yet revealed, more inspiration to come soon;)

#Crush1: Kahlo dress - Laure de Sagazan

Laure de Sagazan revealed a collection of romantic, elegant and fashionable wedding dresses. “An Ode to freedom, an ode to dare, an ode to the woman who loves!” as the designer said. In that collection, entitled “L'échappée belle” (Great escape), I had a crush on the Kahlo dress with its modern 3D embroidery and puffed sleeves. So elegant!

© Pictures: Laure de Sagazan

#Crush2: Pénélope – Anne de Lafforest

Anne de Lafforest’s new collection is a perfect balance between chic and modernity, inspired by famous actresses. I loved the Pénélope dress made in jacquard. Its deep neckline, open back and slit skirt give it a very timeless and elegant style.

© Pictures: Anne de Lafforest

#Crush3: Cassiopée dress – Camille Marguet

This year, Camille Marguet celebrates free brides. This “Osmose” (Osmosis) collection is designed as an astral journey, with dresses bearing names like “Galilée”, “Céleste” or “Cosmos”. I loved the Cassiopée dress that reveals an assured femininity by baring the back and shoulders thanks to its thin straps. With the Galaxie veil, it is a perfect match.

© Pictures: Camille Marguet

#Crush4: La Robe 321 – Canopée

With its new collection entitled “Si on prenait la mer” (What if we took to the sea), Canopée brings us far, between land and sea, where the horizon disappears. I loved La Robe 321 for its lightness, its delicateness and its incredible back.

© Pictures: Canopée

#Crush5: Paula dress - Jeanne Source

L'amour solaire” (Solar Love), what a shining name! This Jeanne Source collection is inspired by the sun caressing the legs under slit skirts, the exquisite charm of the sound of cicadas, the languid summer evenings and lavender fields. I loved the Paula dress. Its structured puff sleeves and its play on transparency give it a sophisticated and delicate style.

© Pictures: Jeanne Source

#Crush6: Hélène dress - Clémentine Iacono

Clémentine Iacono’s new collection revealed graphic, modern and elegant wedding dresses. I had a crush on the Hélène dress, made with tulle and silk satin for incomparable lightness. The excessiveness of its tulle ruffles gives it a resolutely haute couture style.

© Pictures: Clémentine Iacono

#Crush7: Virgile top & Léon skirt - Maison Floret

To create her new collections entitled “Songe d’une nuit d’été” (Dream of a summer night), Maison Floret’s designer dived into her childhood memories in Normandy. I loved the Virgile top made in Italian embroidery and the Léon skirt in silk muslin. The combination is extremely chic.

© Pictures: Maison Floret

#Crush8: Angela dress – Audacieuse Adelaïde

The 2021 Audacieuse Adelaïde collection will make you travel to the South of Italy. The designer imagined chic, sensual and refined pieces, with an exacerbated femininity and assertive cuts like the impetuous character of the Neapolitan women. I have a crush on the Angela dress - bold, delicate and chic.

© Pictures: Audacieuse Adelaïde

#Crush9: Berthe dress – Mademoiselle de Guise

Mademoiselle de Guise’s new collection, entitled "Paris (Always) a Moveable Feast", is more than a love declaration to the one-of-a-kind Paris neighborhood that Montmartre is, with a vibrant and arty social life. The shooting was a walk through the Bohemian Paris described by Ernest Hemingway in his book. I loved the Berthe dress with its structured and chic style.

© Pictures: Mademoiselle de Guise

#Crush10: Verveine dress – Victoire Vermeulen

Named “Poésie” (Poetry), Victoire Vermeulen’s 2021 collection finds its essence in a very musical elegance. Wedding dresses fly to the sound of a symphony. The poets Ronsard, Aragon, Apollinaire, Rimbaud, to name a few, inspired the designer. I had a crush on the Verveine dress for its lightness and its boldness. It is simple while having an affirmed style.

© Picture: Victoire Vermeulen

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