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#Inspiration - Audacieuse Adélaïde - 2021 Collection

Real crush on the Audacieuse Adélaïde brand and its universe! This French brand has the sweet fragrance of the Mediterranean. It’s full of sun, joy and life. Highly recommended for the shining and epicurean brides-to-be!

The Adélaïde bride is strong, delicate, bold, natural and raw. She is free. She laughs, she is fun, she is alive and she is life. She loves art, beauty and wide-open spaces. She is sunny and she is radiant. She is a girl of today, a woman of the world. Finally, she is a lover in white dress, the joyful bride that we would like to be.

Adelaide is a reference to the iconic city in South Australia, where surfing and art are interwoven into the local culture but it also has resonance in French regional history, in the figure of Adelaide, Countess of Toulouse. The brand is open to the world while still remaining attached to its Mediterranean roots.

Marie, the designer, is self-taught. Drawing and creating are her passions. The desire to launch out into the creative world has been ingrained in her for a long time but has only recently emerged. Marie is a nature lover, as she is concerned about the environment and animal protection, her dresses are entirely vegan and cruelty free.

Each piece is custom handcrafted with meticulous attention. Marie has a special affection for guipures and embroidered tulles that give the dresses volume and allowing it to flirt with transparency, while exuding a certain modernity. Its signature features are simple but assertive cuts, feminine yet custom-fitted. Deep necklines and low-cut backs are in the DNA of a brand that is not afraid to highlight the silhouette.

To create her 2021 collection, Marie dived into her Italian roots while paying tribute to the sublime and proud women of the Mediterranean. Considering Southern Italy as a mix of modernity and tradition, she brought out this contrast by creating modern pieces while highlighting the charm and softness of yesteryear. She imagined chic, sensual and refined pieces, with an exacerbated femininity and assertive cuts like the impetuous character of the Neapolitan women, while preserving a lot of modesty and delicacy.

What I love in the brand is its bold and natural signature as well as its incredible universe. The 2021 collection will make you travel to the South of Italy. You will feel the dolce vita under the sun as well as smell lemon trees, bougainvillea, jasmine and the powerful aroma of caffè ristretto. Audacieuse Adélaïde dresses are highly recommended for the shining and epicurean brides-to-be!

Pictures: Courtesy of Audacieuse Adélaïde (@audacieuse.adelaide) | Photographer: @artyphotos_mf| Flowers: @lautresaisondesfleurs | Accessories: @alice_marty_creatrice | Model: @marine_mta

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