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#Amazing locations - Where to get married? French regions at a glance

There is no place like France to get married! If you dream of château receptions, old stone cloisters, the lavender fields of Provence or the Bordeaux region vineyards as well as delicious food, excellent wine and très chic cocktails for such a special day, no need to seek further.

If you don't know how to choose among all the amazing French regions, here are a couple of ideas to start with!


What could be more romantic than a wedding in Paris? A chic, fashionable and cosmopolitan city, stunning sights, such as the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe as well as elegant venues and four stars services for your ceremony. What else?

#French Riviera

With warm and sunny weather most of the year, the Mediterranean sea as a backdrop as well as numerous luxury and charming venues for your ceremony, the French Riviera is definitively one of the most wonderful places for a wedding. 

#Loire Valley

Well known for its delicious wine and its iconic castles built by the French kings during the Renaissance, the Loire Valley will be the perfect spot for a royal and stunning ceremony.


Its Celtic heritage makes Brittany different but appealing. An impressive rocky coast, an endless ocean as well as delicious seafood would be the right ingredients for a marine and gorgeous wedding in an amazing natural environment.


With lavender fields, olive trees and picturesque landscapes that look like Paul Cezanne’s paintings, you will find in Provence some tremendous vineyards and old buildings to organize a lovely and joyful wedding.


If you like winter, snow and charming villages, getting married in the French Alps could be an excellent option. With incredible mountains such as the Mont Blanc as a backdrop, it’s perfect for an original and cozy ceremony.

#South West

Located between the Pyrenees mountains and the Mediterranean sea, the South West is less touristic than the French Riviera but just as charming. With warm and sunny weather as well as excellent local cuisine, rustic villages and traditions, it’s definitely a region to consider for your wedding.

#Bordeaux Region

In the Bordeaux Region, you will find amazing vineyards, picturesque countryside, impressive châteaux, elegant and lovely villages as well as the most famous French wines. An ideal region to get married!

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